a unqualified view on writing


(feature image: sparkling quote from Kerouac’s On the Road, above image: funky portrait of the magician of words himself)

two articles that inspire me:

  1. The letter that inspired Jack Kerouac’s spontaneous, stream of consciousness writing style “the Joan Anderson Letter”
  2. Kerouac’s 30 tips on writing

I used to think that I could never be a writer. I’ve understood I was an artist, storyteller, actress, theatre person, and in simple terms a creator for years now, but a writer, nope never.

I guess I used to always see writing the way a typical American school system imposes it on you the second you start preschool in classroom red. In this kind of writing, abstractions are always formulaic and creativity is coherent. And sure I can write this way, I mean I got into Northwestern, but I hate it.

Some human brains try to impose sense into life, others let the innate chaos of being alive carry them to old age. Me, I can’t help, but to draw connections from A to B. However, these connections are more of questions. They come with many possibilities and spark thought rather than give answers. That’s why I have recently found myself drawn to playwriting.

You see, I don’t plan when I write. Rather, I write, as Jack Kerouac (who is coincidentally my favorite author) writes. Full on stream of consciousness. I think of something put it down and see where it unfolds. In the current, Introduction to Playwriting class I am enrolled in, the beauty of what my writing astounds me.

In my play, I am mixing memories, characters who are dear to me in my life, theories and beliefs, and great art through my own distorted perspective in my own style of speech.

This process has made me decided that I will be a writer. I have a shit ton to say, and sometimes writing is the easiest way to let it all out. With little to do this spring, I will begin translating the inner apocalypse inside me into aesthetically pleasing fonts in my google docs.

P.S. I fucking can’t edit anything. Like It makes me want to punch someone. But I think I should work on it so I will try.



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